Can Physical Therapy Help My Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a common complaint of 20-33% of the population (1,2). There are many reasons for shoulder pain, some of which include poor posture, a stiff spine, impingement, adhesive capsulitis (sometimes referred to as frozen shoulder), and rotator cuff tears. Pain can affect your everyday activities, such as working out, reaching behind your back for your wallet, or grabbing something from an overhead shelf. Shoulder pain can also cause night pain and sleeping on your side may be painful and disturb your rest.

The therapists at peak Rehabilitation, a manually oriented physical therapy clinic in Augusta and Evans, Georgia would like to help you eliminate your shoulder pain so that you can perform your daily activities without discomfort. During the initial evaluation your therapist will assess your overall shoulder range of motion and function, as well as your neck and upper spine mobility. peak therapists are skilled in manual therapy, stretching, and strengthening techniques, and will customize a treatment program suited for your specific needs. We will work together to help you reach your goals so you can return to all your activities pain free.

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