Functional Employment Testing

Functional Employment Testing

Hire smart. Employee-job fit means fewer injuries, lower costs, and more.

When you hire employees capable of meeting the physical demands of their jobs, injury rates and related costs will go down. Ensuring employee-job fit also improves employee retention, reduces lost time, lowers health care costs, and decreases accident rates.


At Peak, we partner with WorkSTEPS as a licensed provider to help you make well-informed employment decisions so your next hire is a smart one. While your employment candidates may seem qualified on paper, how can you be sure they’re physically safe to do the job? WorkSTEPS Pre-Employment Post-Offer Functional Employment Testing is available to help you determine if a candidate is capable of safely performing the essential functions of the job they’ve been offered.

For many of us, pain has become a part of our everyday lives.

The simplest of tasks–even sitting still–cause discomfort. We can help!