Resting Energy Expenditure and Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

One of the more important clinical tests for our weight loss population is the Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) test also known as Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This test helps the individual to know with good accuracy the amount of calories needed to operate their “base systems” at rest. Knowing the number of calories needed for the body at rest will help to set the total number of calories needed per day for effective and safe weight loss.
Often times when attempting to lose weight, clients will just stop eating or eat very little thinking that will be helpful to lose weight, “if I don’t eat, I can’t gain weight”. Well, not exactly. If the body does not have enough calorie intake in a day, the systems will downshift to a lower metabolic rate and will begin to breakdown proteins into glucose molecules for energy. This leads to the dreaded breaking down of muscle and storage of fat while trying to lose weight….a no win situation.

You’ve got to eat enough calories to support the baseline systems but not overeat causing excess calorie storage….this is where knowing your calories needed at rest or Resting Energy Expenditure becomes important.

How the test is conducted:

  • 1. Do not eat or drink anything after 12 midnight before the day of the test. No coffee or stimulant drinks in the a.m. before testing.
  • 2. Arrive at the clinic in the a.m. preferably your first stop of the day so that you will be relatively “at rest”.
  • 3. You will rest for 20 minutes prior to the test, then will be fitted with a mask over your nose and mouth (think fighter pilot) that will capture your breathing while you rest reclined.
  • 4. You will rest and breathe with the mask on for 20 minutes.

You will be provided with graphic analysis of your test as well as a full description and explanation of the test and your individualized results. This test continues to prove to be of great value to our clients.

For more information please contact Dr. Luke Heusel, PT,OCS at our Peak Performance Lab at our Peak Rehab, Fitness, and Performance Evans location at (706) 922-6550 or email Luke at